Comfortable and timeless. New collection Alba by TON

Comfortable and timeless. New collection Alba by TON
designed by Alexander Gufler AT/IT

“Because I am from Italy, I naturally seek fine food, drink, and renowned restaurants. It is exactly this atmosphere and philosophy that inspired me to design this collection. The collection is built upon the finest materials and the work of experts in their trades. Classic at first glance, yet also timeless, complemented by fresh detailing. And because you want to savour good food in a good restaurant undisturbed, the development of this collection put great emphasis on comfort,” remarked designer Alexander Gufler about the inspiration for the collection. The culinary arts have also been expressed in the name of this new product. Alba, in fact, is a reference to the Italian town in the Piedmont region known for the production of truffles.

The unifying element between the chair, armchair, and the lounge armchair is the shape of the seat and its solid wood construction. “I designed it so that it allows for the use of various types of seat backs. The difference in shape is defined by the type and purpose of the product,” Gufler described. In the chair, the shape resembles a curled leaf, and since there are no armrests, you can easily push it under tables that have an apron beneath the table top. The armchair brings even greater comfort to dining, and the lounge version guarantees greater rest for the back, thanks to the higher seat back.

This is also enhanced by the use of premium upholstery. Pocket springs and PUR foam are used in the seats of all Alba models, which adapt to the shape of the body and guarantee comfortable seating even after several hours. A similar system is used in orthopaedic mattresses. “After the first sketches, work on the collection was not done on the computer, but rather in the workshop—testing countless prototypes and selecting the best versions. It was a symbiosis that enriched both sides: the designer and the engineer,” adds Gufler.

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