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lightjunction is London’s first trade fair dedicated to high-end decorative lighting.

The event was launched at designjunction 2013 as a way of enabling interior designers to see lights for themselves, meet the people behind them and increase brand awareness. lightjunction is a carefully curated showcase of leading international lighting brands, offering beautiful, yet practical lighting designs from across the globe. For the second year running, designjunction has partnered with UK based lighting experts Cameron Peters Fine Lighting.

For further information or if you would like to exhibit please contact:

James Grant on 07971 868 326 or



&tradition is a Danish design company established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation. Our unique library of furniture and lighting spans from the 1930s to the present day and includes designs by internationally renowned designers. “All our designers have a unique vision and their designs have the capacity to reach people in their everyday lives,” says Kornbek Hansen, founder of &tradition


Originally set up as a dealership in vintage  20th  Century design, 52 METERS has gone into production of a small range of items, a chair and a wall light.  These items were inspired by the London underground and have been influenced by the different colours of the tube lines, hence the name “tube line furniture.”


Stand F1a

Artemide Group is a world leader in the high-end residential and professional lighting sector.

Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, the Artemide Group is based in Pregnana Milanese and operates through 24 controlled and related companies and a distribution network that includes almost 60 single-brand showrooms in major cities all around the world. The Artemide products are distributed in 98 different Countries.

The high design contents, the high level of technological innovation, products conceived according to personal needs, as well as constant investments in marketing and communication are the key factors that allowed Artemide to develop into one of the best known and most prestigious lighting equipment brands in the world.

Known for its philosophy “The Human Light”, that places man and the pursuit of his well-being at the core of the conception and design of its products, Artemide has always been a synonym for Design, Innovation and Made in Italy.



Atelier Areti features the work of Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer. The sisters set up their own design studio in 2008. Atelier Areti designs its own products while also working for and with other companies and designers.



Stand G6 & 7

Baroncelli creates inspired lighting designs and installations for interiors. Each project expertly combines Baroncelli’s technical expertise and creativity with the highest level of personal service. All pieces are made exclusively in Italy and showcased in London and New York.


Stand F8a

Blue Marmalade produce a range of eco-friendly designer lighting and home accessories by using local production and sustainable materials.


Stand S11

Brokis is a producer of glass lighting made of high quality glass based on traditional craftsmanship of hand blowing located in the Czech Republic.

Brokis’ glass collections present a traditional glass artisanal work in combination with noble materials. In their successful glass collections the glass is accompanied by warm touch of wood or by hand made pieces made out of pressed metal.

Therefore the company’s concept prides itself on the premise that beautiful design and high quality should always go hand in hand. Brokis possesses great facilities and manufacturing capacity which enables experimenting and producing in its own glass factory.

Production of Brokis focuses on interior lighting, modern functional lighting, decorative objects and unique interior lighting for architectural solutions.


 Stand F7a

Specialising in furniture,  lighting and installations, Daniel Latorre Cruz explores the opulence of natural materials while emphasising on his artisanal roots.  His aesthetics seamlessly blends surface narratives with the discipline of contemporary clean lines.  Latorre Cruz aims to evoke  an emotional response to an audience that attracts attention to detail and the appreciation of art.




Stand S39

Dare Studio is an award winning British Design Company producing contemporary furniture and lighting products for luxury domestic interiors and high specification contract environments.

Established by Sean Dare in 2009, Dare Studio is a family run company championing the skills of the finest craftsmen and setting a benchmark for the very best in contemporary design and manufacture.

All of our pieces are hand made to order with an acute attention to detail. We use a combination of sophisticated techniques and the finest materials making each and every piece special, something we are very proud of.

We can offer bespoke flexibility throughout our range allowing all of our pieces to be tailored to the exact requirements of our customer.


Stand S29

With roots dating back to the shipyards of nineteenth century London, Davey Lighting combines industrial design, traditional craftsmanship and the finest raw materials. Authentic and unique, lights are manufactured in England with the same attention to detail required for their original industrial purpose. Simplicity of design and choice of finish, including weathered brass and copper, polished aluminium, galvanised cast iron and shot blasted cast iron make Davey lights equally suited to traditional or contemporary schemes.


Stand F42

David Trubridge produces lighting and furniture collections, many as kitsets to minimise their environmental impact. The company also works with large-scale projects to generate innovative and beautiful installations. David has work held in permanent collections in many international museums, including the Pompidou Centre and the V & A. He is based in New Zealand.


Stand F20b

Fantasized is an inspiring project, founded by young Belgian designer Sep Verboom and is part of an innovating recycle program in Cebu City, Philippines.

By involving a social design approach in the South we create green awareness and provide livelihoods for people in need. The Recycled lamp FAN’s are developed from interesting local recycled materials and inspired by Cebu’s indigenous material weaving industry.

Fantasized is set up with the help of design region Kortijk, Design for Impact and councilor Hon. Nida Cabrera.


Stand F19

Hungary’s light industry provides outstanding facilities for manufacturing a small series of high-quality furniture. Despite the young age of our company we pulled off a great success both inland and internationally owing to our commitment in design and quality and our perception of approaching furniture production in a unique way. Upholstered furniture fundamentally differs from other surrounding objects and home furnishings because its final form is achieved not by rigid materials but with the special arrangement of soft materials and textures. There are no two identical pieces, since to the present day it is made in every phase by meticulous handwork, based on pattern design like a well-tailored suit. To produce a well functioning couch, appropriate ergonomics is very important and since the users’ habits can be completely different, for optimal design we have to know the needs of our clients. HANNABI customises its couches in a unique way: not only textiles and accessories but dimensions of the couch, seat height, width parameters and firmness of padding are also fit for the customer.



Stand G2

Innermost is a British design brand that stands for concept, quality and wit. Since 1999 founders Steve Jones and Russell Cameron have strived to be ‘as British as London itself’ – that is to be very British and yet very diverse.


Stand F36a

International is an award winning industrial design studio based in London, UK, founded in 2011 by designers Robin Grasby & Marc Bell. Adaptability and a focus on standardised fittings are strong directives throughout International’s practice. The studio’s ethos serves to impart added value and longevity to functional products by presenting frequent opportunity for user customisation.



Stand S26

Jake studied Industrial Design at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. He graduated in 1994 and began work designing retail interiors, working on shops, cafes and clubs. Jake then set up his own workshop, purchasing a mill and a lathe and started experimenting and developing products. His studio and workshop are now based in Clerkenwell.

Jake is happiest in the workshop trying to turn a paper concept into a reality and is proud that Motorlight is British designed and developed. His approach is to first conceive a product and control all processes through to manufacture – unusual in a world where product design is usually separate from the development and manufacturing side. Jake believes that having a ‘hands on’ approach to creating prototypes, testing and subsequently finishing products is an essential part of the design process.

Jake leads a small team of experienced design engineers in his studio. They focus their efforts on coming up with new product ideas that are visually stunning and go where no-one has gone before in providing innovative, functional benefits.


Stand F36

Jay Watson is an independent designer-maker with a passion for exploring material, light and technology through a playful social commentary. After extensive experience in the furniture manufacturing sector, Jay founded his own design studio in 2006 in a former blanket mill in Oxfordshire, where he produces his collection of inventive designs and works to special commission.



Kalmar Werkstaetten products are based on discoveries from the Kalmar archive. Representing collaborations with members of the Vienna Werkbund, including Josef Hoffman, Josef Frank, Oskar Wlach, the Werkstaetten designs combine esthetic timelessness with modern style. Since its launch, the Werkstaetten line has met an enthusiastic reception from both consumer and press alike. Kalmar plans to continue the brand’s design tradition it established in 1881, focusing on creating long lasting design through authentic materials, intelligent details and high-quality craftsmanship.


Stand F24

Kukka™ was established in 2010 as a British brand by Designer Rona Meyuchas K.

Kukka™ products are developed from sustainable materials and cultural behaviors; these are taken into count during the design process; we admire craftsmanship, aesthetics, and functionality. All this is reflected throughout, the production, technology methods, minimalism of materials and components used for both products and packaging. Our products are designed and made from actual day to day living experiences; as we observe, listen, feel as well as innovate, any Kukka™ product with confidence.


Stand F12a

When Licht im Raum was founded by Johannes and Lisa Dinnebier in 1956, the lighting planner’s job outline was almost unknown. First and foremost, light had to be bright and secondarily it had to represent status. What people thought of as good light in the mid 50s, were chandeliers for the most part. The new company had completely different ideas, though. For them, light was a means of design in archi-tecture in the first place. And only then a question of watt and volt. With Licht im Raum, young avantgarde architects like Egon Eiermann found kindred spirits with whom they could realize their ideas of lighting planning in its entirety. ” We still feel obliged to the tradition to use light as a means of architectural design “, says Daniel Klages, Licht im Raum’s present manager. “It is basically a side effect that the rooms get light afterwards.


Stand S6

LZF was founded in 1994, the Valencia-based company started manufacturing hand-made wood veneer lamps from a small studio in Valencia’s historic centre. Since then, LZF has grown into a company that doesn’t just make lamps but also creates ambiance. This transformation process is the result of a working method based on creation, reflection and research.


Stand F41

MEGAMAN® is a global brand in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting and an innovative leader in LED lamp design. MEGAMAN®’s Professional LED range offers lighting designers and specifiers a true replacement for halogen and metal halide light sources. Widely distributed to over 90 countries across the world, MEGAMAN® lamps have been used in some of the world’s most spectacular lighting projects.



Stand F28a

CUE design agents will be presenting Melogranoblu this year at designjucntion. They provide a personalised service to the contract, project and residential market in the UK. As representatives and distributors for a portfolio of distinctive European manufacturers, their extensive range of contemporary furniture, lighting and wall-coverings can be: tailored to your design, procured within budget and delivered to deadline.


Massimo Crema and Ermanno Rocci created their first collection for melogranoblu in 1997 using hand-blown glass. After the enormous success of this first collection – and the growing awareness that the product could be used for a variety of design briefs, particularly in large spaces - melogranoblu launched the HYDRA collection with its various component parts.  The high quality, refined design and uniqueness of their products continue to be a source of inspiration for both the UK and international design communities.

CUE design agents are very proud to present the HYDRA SIGMA collection at designjunction for the first time this year.


Stand S2

Northern Lighting is a commercial hub for designers based in Oslo, Norway. We aim to create designer lights for different moods inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society and the very special natural light which surrounds us up here in the North. We present new lamp launches two times per year based on the criteria of being “smart, fun, Nordic and mood creating visual objects”.

We are open to suggestions of designers from all over the world. We also run student competitions periodically to promote young designers and generate new designs. The people responsible for the generation of our small collection of designer lamps include both young, up-and-coming talents as well as recognised designers. Despite their different levels of experience, our designers have one thing in common; they are fiery souls who are fascinated by the mood-creating possibilities of light.

We started up this small design hub back in 2005 and have since established us as a small dynamic and fast growing Nordic company specialising in the design and manufacture of lights.  We now distribute these lamps to 45 countries, delivering to both leading design retailers and a large number of commercial projects.


Stand G11a

offkut is an independent design company based in London. Our ethos is to produce affordable, practical and ethically produced works of art for the home. Offkut are Mike Doveton and Saul Grant. Our workshop is in West Dulwich, London


Stand S29

Established in 1990, Original BTC manufactures relaxed, familiar lighting for traditional and contemporary homes. Hand-assembled in Oxford from the finest aluminium, chrome and bone china, the essential collection of table, floor, wall and pendant lights is instantly comfortable, unassumingly elegant and accessibly priced.



Stand S24/25

Örsjö Belysning AB is a company with its roots deep in the South East corner of Sweden. This is an area known for its entrepreneurial spirit and strong tradition of arts and crafts, qualities that we’ve honoured for over sixty years.

Today, Örsjö stands for timeless lighting fixtures and exciting collaborations with some of Scandinavia’s leading designers including, Matti Klenell, Claesson Koivisto Rune and Note Design Studio


Stand F21

The RUIZSOLAR Architecture Design and Construction office was founded in 2006 by Matias Ruiz Malbran and Erick Solar Salvo. It has focused on developing architecture and construction projects in both the public and private spheres, being recognized internationally through publications in specialized books. The office is defined as an architectural and construction exploration laboratory where design is approached as a whole, incorporating all construction technology options available today.

Because of its research, the RUIZSOLAR design style is aligned with a clear commitment to simplicity and the exaltation of form. As result of its work, the office was selected to exhibit at the 2013 Biennial Show of Design of Chile and in the Satellite Lounge of Milan 2013, where it obtained the first ‘Special Mention’ for a Chilean designer in an event of this category.


Stand S20

Founded in 2005 by ex Lassco directors Jesse Carrington and Tony Brook, Trainspotters soon established itself as a pioneering dealer in reclaimed industrial lighting and salvage. The company then invested heavily in Eastern Europe, building up an unrivalled stockpile of communist‐era lighting. In recent years we have re-manufactured a number of old classic designs, always made to the highest standard in the UK. Our wealth of stock has enabled us to supply to an array of exciting projects across the world, including many high street chains and brands.


Stand F19a

V & C design is a ceramic and glass company based in north London. After finishing  MA at the Royal College of Art , Vezzini Cristina and Chen Sheng Tsang set up the company in July 2013. With a keen eye for detail and refinement  Vezzini & Chen design and produce elegant glass and ceramic lighting and objects for the interior. All our pieces are hand made !


Stand F37

All individuals seek their spaces and every space says something about the person who created it, who possesses it, who lives in it, who enjoys it… Lighting contributes to any space to the extent that it affects its appearance, its atmosphere and the feelings it creates.

Light is one of the primal forces that shaped the world as we know it and its creative power is now used to create an entire world of personalized microuniverses.

VIBIA’s mission is to make it easier for everyone to identify himself or herself with the surrounding space by supplying the right lighting and inspiring the creative abilities and good taste of both consumers and architecture and interior and lighting design professionals with a unique range of lighting products.

VIBIA evolves by studying and understanding how people live in their spaces, surprising them with just the right proposals – often unexpected – to help create the desired feelings.


Stand F28

Since Vitamin was set up in 2005 its mission has been to produce designs which are more than just a little out of the ordinary.

With a keen eye for detail, refinement and quality mixed with a little fun and originality, Vitamin’s product offering spans furniture, lighting, ceramics and homewares.

Based in the heart of London’s East End, Vitamin has built up a worldwide presence with its products sold all across the globe.


Stand F34

Western Trash is  a designer lighting and glassware company from the heart of Berlin. Creating something from nothing, we turn discarded bottles into elegant and functional products for the home. All products are made locally, handcrafted with love in our Kreuzberg workshop. Western Trash is simple and sexy – just like Berlin itself.





Stand S12a

WOKA LAMPS VIENNA produces handcrafted lighting-fixtures according to designs by great architects of the early 20th century as well as designs from contemporary artists!

Iconic Design, excellent craftsmanship, best materials, custom made production, manufactured completely in Vienna!


Stand F15

Woodstar is a Brighton based company which specialises in shaping wood into curved, circular and spherical forms.  Woodstar is committed to exciting and innovative designs in wood.  We draw inspiration from classical geometry and natural forms.




Stand F2

Established in 1954, Zanotta is one of the recognised leaders in Italian industrial design.

Guided by the insight and wonderful entrepreneurship abilities of the founder, Aurelio Zanotta, beginning in the 1960’s it won and has held the international spotlight. This was thanks to its products: emblematic for both their formal and technological advancements.

Currently the firm’s collections are distributed in over sixty nations.


Stand F38

Zero is a family company that has been manufacturing attractive lighting for all spaces since 1978.  Based in Pukeberg, outside Nybro, in an area that is the hub of Swedish glass production, they are internationally a well established.  They collaborate with designers from near and far including many of the most interesting Swedish designers such as Mattias Stahlbom, Monica Forster, Thomas Bernstrand, Fredrik Mattson and Front.  They use many different types of material which they match with the latest lighting technology and regularly produce new, unexpected and exciting designs.


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