E-Side presents furniture from Caporaso’s Lessmore Range

E-Side  is collaborating with Italian architect Giorgio Caporaso at designjunction.

The outstanding Lessmore range is a collection of sinuous iconic modular pieces that showcase contemporary luxury sustainable design at its best.

The collection is identifiably Caporaso’s signature work, which demonstrates his love for marrying honeycombed cardboard with natural materials like wood, stone and lichens – materials he combines to create a curious exploration of visual and tactile textures.

X2 Chair

Iconic pieces from the collection that will be presented at designjunction include the X2 chaise longue chair (pictured above). Crafted entirely from 100% cardboard and FSC wood, the design is defined by a continuum of smooth clean lines.

More Plus Desk Table

Cleans lines and tactile surfaces come to play again with Caporaso’s More Bench. Honeycombed, corrugated cardboard contrasts with hard, sleek, polished wood culminating in a deeply modern yet elegant finish, while the More Plus Desk follows the same aesthetic – cardboard flanked by smooth panelling – but is finished off with a clear glass top surface, making this a simple, modern, practical piece for the creative workspace. Both are exclusively launching in the UK with E-Side and will be showcased at designjunction.

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