Thorsten Van Elten

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Set up in 2002,   Thorsten Van Elten produces and distributes design-led products by young emerging UK based designers.

Inside the Brand

I’m a German living and working in South East England, in fact I have now spent more time living in the UK than I have in Germany but as they say: You can take the boy out of Germany but you can’t take Germany out of the boy.

I’ve been around the (design) block quite a few times now, so in case you are wondering, here is a bit of background.

After working for UK based manufacturer and retailer SCP for 5 years, I set up my own business in 2002, producing and distributing design-led products by young emerging UK based designers. At that time I felt there was a lack of opportunities for designers to bring their products to the market, a gap I was more than happy trying to fill.

In the following years I presented my ever growing collection at all major international trade fairs in Milan, Paris, New York and London whilst helping to start the careers of now established international designers & artists such as Alexander Taylor, Barnaby Barford, Dominic Wilcox, Ed Carpenter, Andre Klauser and Attua Apparicio (Studio Silo).

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