Dyslexic Design

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Dyslexia can be a daily challenge for the dyslexic but it can also be a gift. The design and creative industries have a close association with dyslexia as many of the world’s leading designers and artists are dyslexic.

Inside the Brand

We celebrate the connection between dyslexia and creativity.

During this September’s London Design Festival, Dyslexic Design will look to change perceptions of dyslexia by celebrating its many benefits while accentuating its positive impact. This will take the form of showcasing dyslexic designers’ works across several disciplines including product, fashion, illustration, architecture, home decor and fine art. The exhibition takes place 22nd – 25th September 2016. Designjunction are generously hosting our show at their magnificent new Kings Cross venue.

Dyslexic Designers’ work is enriched with the unexpected, only made possible by the lateral thinking of a dyslexic mind. For several of these leading designers, this will be the first time they prodly declare themselves as dyslexic. Many of the works also demonstrate unusual three-dimensional thinking.

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