Elkington & Co.

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Based in Sheffield England, Elkington & Co. was established in 1824. Credited with the discovery of the plating process in 1838, it went on to became Europe’s leading innovator in Silverware manufacture.

Elkington’s illustrious achievements include the Gold Medal for Excellence of Manufacture at The Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace, Royal Warrants to Europe’s foremost royalty including Queen Victoria and the Emperor of Austria, the design and manufacture of luxury flatware for the Titanic,
and the Winner’s Plate at Wimbledon.

Following the decline in Silverware manufacture in post-industrial Britain,
Elkington & Co. is seizing this moment to re-launch the brand with a contemporary collection, where once again they have an opportunity to present the best in English craft and innovation.

Elkington & Co has chosen to work with British designer Christopher Jenner on a comprehensive collection of silver and brass ware, a series of functional pieces suitable for the needs of the modern consumer.

Known for his work with heritage brands and his passion for craft and technology, Christopher has designed a set of organic, fluid pieces who’s simplicity belies complex craftsmanship and technical achievement.

Created over a period of 24 months, the collection was informed by an in-depth study of the classic silversmithing techniques of spinning, hammering, chasing and polishing. Combining these techniques with new technologically driven processes has enabled Christopher to create a collection of complex geometry and form.

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