Isokon Plus

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The Isokon brand was founded in the 1930s as part of a vision for modern living. It continues today as Isokon Plus manufacturing iconic designs from the 1930s alongside contemporary pieces from today’s most respected designers.

Inside the Brand

Using both traditional craftsmanship and the tools of modern manufacture we are proud to use iconic designs to produce hand-made furniture in London that is built to last the test of time.

All our furniture is handmade in our East London workshop by a team of highly skilled craftspeople who are dedicated to the Isokon Plus ethos of efficiency and attention to detail. We make our pieces to stand the test of time and materials are chosen with care to ensure efficiency and absolute quality.
Isokon Plus is led by Chris McCourt, who has been the custodian of the brand since 1982, and Mark Smith who has been with the company since 2004. Our ambition is to continue a standard of excellence in manufacture and design.

Isokon Plus with designjunction are offering an Isokon Penguin Donkey filled with Penguin Classics’ new Pocket range (as above) via the #immersedindesign competition on Instagram. Find out more

Latest Product

Directed by Rodrigo “Greg” Rattazzi
Produced by
Production Supervisor: Steven McInerney
Executive Producer: Shaf Elani
Filmed with Panasonic GH4
Lenses: Lumix G 12-35mm, Voigtlander 25mm, Olympus Zuiko 35-70mm, Olympus 60mm MACRO 1:1


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