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Our vision is to develop one of the world’s leading design brands.

Over the last decade we have built a reputation for doing things differently, challenging the status quo and aligning our personal values of fun, quality and longevity with our company philosophy and mission.

We just happen to supply some of the most recognised global brands with our eclectic collection of furniture, lighting and interior products.

We like being Deadgood and hope you will too.

— Dan Ziglam & Elliot Brook, Founders.

Hello! We are Deadgood...

To be Deadgood is to constantly strive to be the best we can be at everything we do. The belief in this one simple idea is what crystallises our efforts, energises our team and gives us all a reason to get out of bed in the morning. In September 2017 we’ll be unveiling a brand new collection, including further collaborations with some of the UK’s most exciting design talent.

Our varied client base includes a mix of workplace, education, hotel, leisure, residential and hospitality projects. Because each project is unique we pride ourselves on offering a flexible service, allowing you to put your own mark on our products. As we manufacture our Collections right here in the UK, it is easy for us to modify them and we can alter timbers, colours and finishes on products if required.

Over the years our creative network has grown to feature a host of talented folk, if you believe the hype you’ll know that these creative’s are at the vanguard of the design scene here in the UK. Our designers include Lee Broom, Max Lamb, David Irwin, Gala Wright, Magnus Long, Daniel Schofield, Vicki Leach, John Tree and Craig Jones & Partners.

Our community of craftsmen pour their hearts and souls into producing an eclectic portfolio of products and in every sense they help us differentiate ourselves as a manufacturing company. Their breadth of knowledge, technical ability and wealth of experience has allowed us to develop a truly great British brand, built on the industrial heritage of which we are world renowned.

Being Deadgood offers meaning to our work and the results, we hope, manifest themselves in the creation of products that have a distinct style and a unique sense of place in the world, built on our true values of fun, quality and longevity.

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