We Do Wood

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“A piece of furniture is a success when it invites you to use it and does not require too much explanation”. That’s the opinion of Danish furniture designer Sebastian Jørgensen at We Do Wood.

We Do Wood has no ambitions to revolutionize the art of furniture-making and has instead values such as quality, functionality and honesty at the top of its agenda.

“We don’t see the concept of sustainability as a passing phase, we view it as our very foundation. Ethics and aesthetics must go hand in hand. And the opportunities are endless, once you’ve started investigating a material like bamboo – we just can’t walk away from it … ” explains Sebastian Jørgensen.

Inside the Studio

“Sustainability is quintessential to our choice of materials and techniques. we simply place an honour in creating the most environmentally friendly furniture possible.”

Sebastian Jørgensen is the designer behind We Do Wood. As a trained furniture- and cabinetmaker, Sebastian is an experienced craftsman.
However, Sebastian’s understanding of design originally comes from the world of art, which creates a different approach than most. Sebastian’s design process is a bit like painting: he usually make a sketch and goes directly to the workshop to make 1:1 mock ups and prototypes. Eventually Sebastian usea his background as a cabinet maker to prepare the piece for industrial production.

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