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Vitamin is a British design brand set up by brothers Chris and Andy Vernall in 2004. From the heart of London’s creative east end Vitamin has been devoted to producing products that are not only functional and beautiful, but also fun and original.

Inside the Brand

Vitamin’s mission is to produce original, innovative and aesthetically attractive products which are more than just a little bit out of the ordinary.

Vitamin was set up by brothers Andy and Chris Vernall in 2006. The brothers are both product designers, having gained previous experience at companies such as Philips, Yamaha and Hasbro. They set up Vitamin as a sister company to their consultancy V2 Studios.

With a product range which spans from ceramics, sports accessories, and now furniture and lighting, Vitamin is ready to put it’s own fresh spin on any product. Whether it’s free-standing lamps that double as carpet sweepers, or sofas and chairs that blend hi-tech materials with traditional craftmanship, Vitamin produces extra-ordinary products that hopefully make their owners’ lives a little less ordinary.

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