Design House Stockholm

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Design House Stockholm is the publishing house for Scandinavian design. Our collection represents the best of contemporary Scandinavian design, future design classics with timeless appeal and qualities that outlives temporary trends.

Inside the Brand

Products with character and personality.

We collaborate with some 70 designers in the same way that publishing houses work with their authors, where ideas become products sold by some 300 retailers worldwide; including four own stores and two franchise stores. Design House Stockholm was founded in 1992 by Anders Färdig and is one of the leading brands within Scandinavian Design.

Air sideboard designed by Mathieu Gustafsson

Curly throw designed by Margot Barolo & Ulrika Mårtensson

Greenhouse designed by Atelier 2+

Knot cushion designed by Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir

Nest sofa & easy chair designed by Jesper Ståhl

Wick chair by Jesper Ståhl & Karl Malmvall

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