Abalon Uk Ana Bridgewater

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This is my 2nd year as artist and director of Abalon and I want to thank you for making my dream possible. 2 years ago I decided to start my company based on the work of my hands, today thanks to the help of my team, I can produce ethically in a studio in London using local suppliers and sustainable materials. I keep my promise to create a 100% green product that will last for generations. This season the new pieces are even more beautiful: the colors that I´m presenting are blues, blacks, greens and whites touched by gold.

Inside the Brand

Translucent porcelain candles, Handmade in London.

My goal is to use natural raw and eco-friendly ingredients, sourced as much as possible from the UK. For the candles I only use porcelain from Stoke-on-Trent, and noble minerals such as gold, platinum and copper. Also pigments such as carbon, cobalt or red iron oxide.
I look for the natural beauty of the ingredients that I use, and the balance in between them, leIng the elements themselves do the work. For my sunset candle for example, one of my classic candles, I use raw porcelain, gold and a wick in pure EcoSoy-Wax – just 4 ingredients transformed by the basic elements: Earth for the porcelain, Water for making the slip, Air for drying the cast, Fire for the kiln.
I use recycled cardboard for my packaging and encourage my customers to refill or reuse their candle holders and to keep the packaging for this purpose.

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