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In the second part of our new blog feature, designjunction caught up with Papersmiths co-founder Sidione Warren who shares all on her love of stationery and good design.

  • Why Papersmiths?
    Papersmiths exists to bring you beautifully designed stationery.
  • What does design mean to you?
    Good design marries form with function. I like it when I find that match.
  • Where do you work the best?
    A place with lots of natural light, peace and quiet, some greenery, a comfortable chair…and of course a good pen and notebook!
  • What motivates you?
    Feedback from Papersmiths customers and reading interviews/books with people who are pursuing their own ventures.
  • What does Papersmiths bring to the design world that other brands don’t?
    A beautiful, functional curation of stationery. I source our products from across the globe and in the past two years have visited New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Barcelona and Stockholm in pursuit of stationery.
  • What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt so far in your career?
    I’ve learned so much.
    Hire based on culture fit as much as qualifications.
    Delegate – you can’t do it all.
    Change the channel.
    Moaning achieves nothing, positivity opens doors.
    Pause. Triple check. Do, do, do.
  • What do you wish you’d designed? 
    The mechanical pencil by Furst und Iven. It houses a nifty sharpener in the end of itself for on-the-go sharpening.
  • Why designjunction?
    I’m looking forward to meeting the other brands and engaging with London’s design community. Shout out to Kirsty at Tom Pigeon who I’m particularly excited to meet!
Papersmiths #djKX

Photo credit: Morgane Bigault

Quick fire questions

  • Traditional or contemporary? Contemporary
  • Instagram or Twitter? Instagram
  • Sketchbook or computer? Sketchbook – always!
  • Form or function? Function
  • Early bird or night owl? Early bird
  • Favourite design product? Drawings holder by L’Atelier d’Exercices
  • Best spot in London? Greenwich Observatory
  • Best place to get away? My pals Hannah and Ted live in a cottage in Topsham. It’s idyllic.
  • Best restaurant? Bistronomy, Napier, NZ
  • Best hotel? Hotel Michelberger

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