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In our latest designjuntion exhibitor interview we sit down with Deadgood Co-Founder’s & joint CEO’s Dan Ziglam & Elliot Brook who talk to us about their brand, music, design and the VW Split Screen Camper.

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  • Why Deadgood? 
    EB: At Deadgood we produce an eclectic collection of ‘products with personality’, designed and made in Britain for commercial environments worldwide. Our company has developed a reputation for challenging the status quo and aligning our core values of fun, quality and longevity within a design led collection of furniture, lighting and interior accessories.
  • What does design mean to you?
    DZ: The art of balancing function and form to create beautiful solutions.
    EB: It’s my livelihood and apart from my family, it’s the main reason that I get out of bed in a morning.
  • Where do you work the best?
    DZ: Depends on my mood and the task. The kitchen table in the evening is where i have my best ideas and the empty studio first thing in the morning is when i am most productive.
    EB: I always find the greatest flow when outdoors, a good walk and talk generally inspires the best ideas.
  • What motivates you?
    DZ: Knowing that the ideas in our head can create jobs and livelihoods for other people.
    EB: I’ve been fired from every job I ever had, even my first paper round – so I’ve always been motivated by the idea that I’m the one who’s in control of what I do.
  • What does Deadgood bring to the design world that other brands don’t?
    EB: Music, fashion, popular culture, technology, art, travel; all these things feed into our philosophy and our style. We feel it is this varied source of inspiration that makes our brand stand out. If we can continue to use these multiple reference points in a fun and engaging way then we can see great longevity with our brand.
  • What is the biggest challenge facing the design industry?
    DZ: The impact producing our design’s have on the planets resources. We believe that our future success will be acknowledged by our ability to develop a sustainable business practice that meets consumer needs without compromising our future welfare.
  • What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt so far in your career?
    DZ: Rome wasn’t built in a day, stick at it.
    EB: What he said…
  • What’s the one piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in the industry?
    DZ: Rome wasn’t built in a day, stick at it.
    EB: Have a dream, stick with it. Don’t be put off by the myriad scope of opportunities that present themselves along the way. As long as every decision aligns with the vision, you’ll succeed.
  • What do you wish you’d designed?
    DZ: The Silicon Microchip
    If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?
    DZ: Building this business has consumed most of my adult working life so I honestly don’t know what direction another path would of took.
    EB: International Superstar DJ.
  • What’s your biggest weakness?
    DZ: Celebrating when we get a new stapler.
    EB: What he said…
  • Why designjunction?
    EB: It’s a great show! The brand is well regarded in the international design community and much like with our own company, there’s always a sense that the team are really trying to push things forward… It’s Deadgood..!

Quick fire questions

  • Traditional or contemporary?
    EB: BOTH
    DZ: Take inspiration from the past whilst keeping an eye on the future
  • Instagram or Twitter?
    EB: For business – BOTH
    DZ: Reality
  • Sketchbook or computer?
    EB: BOTH
    DZ: Sketchbook for sketching, computer for computing.
  • Form or function?
    EB & DZ: Form should always follow function.
  • Early bird or night owl?
    EB & DZ: Early bird unless we’re having a ‘mad one’
  • Favourite design product?
    EB: VW Split Screen Camper
    DZ: Lego
  • Best spot in London?
    EB: The train on the way out of Kings Cross
    DZ: The view from my bathroom skylight, if you crane your head in the right direction you can see the entire city.
  • Best place to get away?
    EB: The open road
    DZ: Up a mountain
  • Best restaurant?
    EB: A Picnic
    DZ: Any of the fine Turkish establishment’s on Haringey Green Lanes – London
  • Best hotel?
    EB: VW Split Screen Camper
    DZ: My tent in a Lake District valley on a beautiful summer’s morning.


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