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Modern British design brand and long-standing designjunction exhibitor Deadgood launched ‘Deadgood Future’ at designjunction last year. The collection itself fuses technologically advanced materials, a forward thinking aesthetic and tongue in cheek references, to create a product mix ideally suited to the modern commercial interior. Photographer Mark Slater, who shot the collection recently asked what inspired the photo shoot and here’s what they had to say:

When considering our Art Direction we aim for consistency between collection, exhibition and photography with the set on any shoot acting as a ‘bridge’ connecting the dots between our inspiration and those three overriding elements. ‘Deadgood Future’ was our most recent presentation, launched at designjunction during London Design Festival 2016.

‘DALI Light’ was one of our more ambitious pieces in this new collection. Manufactured out of a graphic etched acrylic light sheet, the product appears transparent during the day, illuminating as the light levels drop.

Deadgood #djKX


You’ll notice that the graphic pattern of the light closely matches the grid flooring featured both on our stand during the exhibition…

Deadgood #djKX


…and in the photoshoot itself. It’s no coincidence as this was a purposeful starting point from which to develop our creative concept, playing reference to futuristic and eclectic films such as ‘Tron‘ and displays by spacial designer Robert Storey.

Deadgood #djKX


A continuous flow of materials and colours was incorporated on products throughout the presentation which contrasted against a stark white, almost clinical backdrop. This really framed the pieces but also brought them to life and gave them individual spotlights, akin to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001 A Space Odyssey‘.

Deadgood #djKX


The arrangement of products both during the exhibition and in the photography was meticulously planned, much like one of our favourite film directors, Wes Anderson whose work combines storybook-like imagery with highly stylised production design and cinematography. His stories are fun and interesting and captivate the viewer instantly, something we’re very much inspired by in the creation of our own ‘products with personality’.

Deadgood #djKX


One of Wes’s recent delights is ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and you may be able to make out subtle references between the movie and the ‘Deadgood Future’ set design. We arranged our pieces together in a similar way to illustrate personalities and relationships between the objects and the users. You can almost visualise who uses these spaces and what they’re doing there, bringing the environments to life.

Deadgood #djKX


The framing throughout the movie is consistent and very unique to Wes Anderson, again something we wanted to reflect in our shoot. We tried to incorporate simple compositions and shots that are constructed to reflect the perspective of the viewer, much like in the film, with lots of straight on views, carefully placed products and wide shots.

Deadgood #djKX


Photography is an important part of our branding and a unique tool to help others imagine how our products could be used. Therefore, time and our utmost attention goes into creating these shoots to help delight the viewer, create a real sense of connection and ultimately to create an image that stays in the memory bank.

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